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My thoughts on windows as linux user

This might come as surprise because i'm very much into linux OS's but i don't dislike or hate all versions of windows.

There's not really many versions of windows that i would like, i still prefer linux over windows in all cases except when it's absolutely required to use windows.
Here's the windows versions that i like: Windows 98, windows xp, windows vista and windows 7.

Next is the list for reasons why those versions.

Windows 98
It just happens to be the very first OS i ever used when i used computer for first time in my life. Also, the maze screensaver on that, now that was something.

Windows xp
This is pretty much nearly same as reason for windows 98, mostly just the feeling of having used it long ago.

Windows vista
It's just the OS i started programming on for first time. That's all there is to that.

Windows 7
This version of windows is what i used most, even though during using it i had used linux on servers for long time i still used it in daily use in past. Even when i was required to use windows i always wanted to find out if windows 7 was option instead of windows 10 so i don't have to use windows 10.

Some things to know of windows 10

Next thing is why i hate windows 10 so much and want to avoid using it at all when possible.
My reason for avoiding windows 10 in any way possible is the extreme amount of spying (what they call telemetry) in windows 10, and yes, i know some previous windows versions have spying/telemetry too, it's just alot worse in windows 10.

Good example of how bad it really is, is that there is even setting for "send typing and inking data to microsoft" in the settings of windows 10, it might seem harmless but have you thought that it sends everything you type on keyboard to microsoft and that actually is same thing that malware called "keyloggers" do? Why isn't windows 10 then called malware?

That's not even the only thing that makes it bad but how can you even be sure that there is actual code behind the selection to disable it? i mean i can code program too that would have telemetry and options for it and then just put option to disable telemetry but only make it show to the user that it was disabled but actually it would still send telemetry stuff in background and users wouldn't have any idea if they don't have the experience to look at the stuff being sent in background with programs like wireshark or tcpdump.

It's also even worse that some required things needed to be done in life work with windows 10, for example if going to bank it's not possible to know if they are using windows 10 with that "send typing and inking data to microsoft" enabled, even if it's disabled it can't be confirmed it wouldn't send the bank details entered there by someone working there to microsoft. On top of that it's well known that microsoft shares collected info to NSA so those details might end up there with high chance.

I don't know is it worse or the same in windows 11 but i would recommend to be careful with what windows 10 sends through telemetry and in best cases try to avoid windows 10 (and possibly windows 11) for your own privacy (and in some cases others privacy because of the typing data sent to microsoft)