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The "cloud" is stupid

The "cloud", now that's one of stupidest things i have heard.

It's pretty much just re-defining what server owned by someone else (or even more accurately what "hosting") is, that's pretty much all it is.
Another thing is also that it doesn't give anywhere near as much control as actually owning the servers where whatever you want runs on, so there's also that.

It seems like many people think of "cloud" as some magical place where everything is just awesome and secure, well, surprise, it's not.
That brings to the next part which is security.
"Cloud" isn't actually any more secure than other servers, that's just the fact. There's also the risk of API in the "cloud" stuff, if there's API for "metadata" like AWS has. If for example reverse proxy on serverside uses "Host" header from client where to forward the request to, and then the client puts the "metadata" API IP to "Host" header (yes, it's very easy to set it) and also the location for metadata, what happens then is the request gets forwarded by the "cloud" server to "metadata" API and anyone can get access to whatever is there (might be private things too), just because the request came from trusted server.

That doesn't mean other servers can't have have similar thing but at least in most cases there wouldn't be any API in there that can be accessed through things like mentioned above.
Just as extra note: it doesn't have to be "Host" header being used that would be the way in, there are alot of other ways to achieve same result, all that matters is that the server can be tricked into forwarding the request to other local IP. It just happens to be more dangerous in so called "cloud".

Next problem is privacy.
When anything is uploaded to "cloud", it's accessible to whoever owns the server. Users might think they are in control of it but in reality it's the company and whoever maintains the servers.

Now, to yet another thing, which is the "cloud" companies trying to push this stupid crap to everyone.
What they are trying to clearly do with that is to gain control over all users, force them to pay and make them stupid by teaching that "cloud" is the way and nobody should learn how to actually host servers and keep paying to some "cloud" company. If you are going to host something i highly recommend to actually do it manually with some old computer if you have the chance to do so. All you need is any linux distro you like, that old computer and some free time. It's worth it in the end.

In conclusion, fuck "cloud" and fuck everything related to it, only total idiots believe in that stupid shit where the control of privacy and everything else is handed over to big companies, on top of that you'll lose the ability to understand how servers really work and get trapped into paying some "cloud" company.